MF Economía is a leading economic consulting firm with widest coverage of Paraguay’s economic structure in the regional and global context.

Our objective is to develop an analytical framework that offers organizations of all sectors actionable research to optimize planning and decision-making strategies.

Our group of experts have extensive analytical experience in economic and financial markets as well as government management and academic research.

MF has a broad portfolio of clients, where we have successfully delivered projects with multilateral credit organizations, public organizations and financial institutions, private banks and investment funds as well as leading international companies.


Extensive analytical coverage offering actionable research
Leaders in advising companies and organizations at domestic and international level
Multidisciplinary approach focused on results


Economic Consulting Service and Sector Analysis

We offer comprehensive analysis on all sectors of the Paraguayan economy and key regional players. We provide specialized analysis services in our monthly, weekly reports, early warnings and special reports, executive presentations and data generation. In a world fast-paced and interconnected world, companies increasingly require economic, financial, political and social analysis to tackle difficult problems. We have a team of trained specialists that offer insightful data driven research to tackle these challenges.

Investment projects

We develop investment projects, either for the creation of new companies or improvement existing ones. We perform feasibility studies for various sectors, with the objective of obtaining relevant financial information for decision-making, calculating their profitability and options for investment alternatives.

Content development in media

We are leaders in positioning top economic issues in all media outlets; including television, radio and economic supplementary analysis in newspapers of greatest circulation, as well as a strong presence in social networks.